Amalia C. Trieger

RTY 200


Therapeutic Yoga

Does this sound familiar?

  • Tired, stiff, sore and stressed?

  • Want to move more easily and comfortably?

  • Yearning for freedom from repetitive thoughts and unhelpful habits?

  • Looking for immediate, tangible ways to address feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious?

  • Think yoga is only for young, thin, bendy, and able bodied people in expensive leggings?

Take your first step today.  


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I can help.

Modern life is challenging! Yoga is an ancient practice that has been shown to increase our self acceptance while building positive new pathways for change. The best part? yoga truly is for everyone. Starting where you are and focusing on the areas that are important to you, we will build an easy to implement practice that you can take anywhere.

What can you expect?

  • Better balance, greater strength and flexibility

  • A greater sense of ease in body and mind

  • Tools for handling stress in everyday situations

  • Clarity, compassion, and curiosity

About me

I am a native Oregonian and have been teaching movement in many forms for the last 12+years. My husband is a leatherworker who you might bump into at the Eugene Saturday or Holiday market. We have a badly behaved, but very cute rescue dog, and twin boys who are 13. If you work with teenagers, have them at home, or remember being one, maybe you recall desperately wanting to be reassured that you were OK. (I still feel this way often!) The focus of yoga as I teach it is about that: The shared human experience. A way to recognize our innate longing for safety, belonging, connection. Also for beauty and awe.

I help clients to observe where these forces are already present in our lives, and how to navigate our experiences of them more skillfully and intentionally.

Besides learning to move in our bodies with some amount of comfort and ease, yoga teaches how conditioned thought patterns can hinder our progress as we navigate the complexities of life, and how to cultivate more helpful habits that increase our capacity for joy.

We could all use that, right?

I’m excited to offer a place for people in the community to nourish their bodies, minds and relationships. Looking forward to sharing this work and meeting you!