How can you boost your child's emotional IQ?

Five tips for increasing your child’s emotional intelligence

Keith Miller, PhD

Label your emotions on a daily basis with your child (e.g., I am frustrated by that driver cutting me off; I am excited to take you to the game on Saturday; I am proud of you putting so much effort into math)

Help your child identify their emotions  (How did you feel when recess ended early?; So you felt embarrassed when you got to school late?. . . I’ve felt that way too; What was the happiest/most frustrating thing that happened today?)

Validate your child’s emotions (I understand how you could feel that way).  Do not use sarcasm, shame, or criticism when responding to your child’s emotions (e.g. There’s no reason to feel angry/sad/mad).

Know what emotions were “off limits” in your childhood home and provide opportunities for your child to express these emotions

Provide guidance and modeling on how to respond to difficult situations while openly discussing related emotions


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Posted on October 28, 2013 .