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Question: I Have ADHD. How can I get help in school?

Dr. Keith Miller responds:


Students who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and are attending the University of Oregon are commonly able to access a variety of accommodations through the Accessible Education Center (AEC).    Possible accommodations include: extended testing time; reduced distraction testing; access to instructor notes/slides; advance notice of reading assignments; ability to audio record lectures; books in audio format.  Instructors are legally required to provide extended testing time and use of a reduced distraction testing environment.  Most instructors at the University of Oregon are very supportive of students with learning differences/ learning disabilities/ ADD/ADHD.

I tailor my work with adolescents with ADD/ADHD based on their age, maturity level, their parents desired level of involvement, and their specific areas of difficulty.   I typically address issues such as: time management (using a planner); organization; setting up systems of external accountability; developing healthy peer relationships; communicating effectively with parents and teachers; strategies for minimizing the negative impact of ADD/ADHD on academic functioning; and strategies for utilizing strengths commonly found in individuals with ADD/ADHD to improve funcitoning.  

I prefer to work with parents and teens simultaneously.  Often I work with parents to clarify their expectations; increase their positive communication with teachers and counselors at school; and increase the use of contingent parenting practices that provides both predictable rewards and consequences.  I support the use of tools such as school cards and school based assignment monitoring systems.

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