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Five Tips For Reducing Stress

Laurene Larson, MS, LPC

1. Keep a positive attitude! New brain research demonstrates this is a powerful antidote to both stress and depression, and when we believe things are going to be alright the chance we relax increases dramatically.

2. Accept that there ARE events you can not control. Letting go of worry is powerful and relaxing.

3. Take 15-20 minutes to relax, and another 15-20 to exercise. Your mind and body benefit from daily doses of both.

4. Maintain social connections. Having friends, clubs, coworkers to debrief and share ideas, problems and concerns with benefits our mental and physical health. Even pets have shown to be stress reducers!

5. Laugh. Laughter is, indeed, great medicine! Laughing expands our lungs, stimulates the heart and other muscles, and increases the brain’s release of endorphins. What better pain killer could there be?

Posted on September 23, 2013 .