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Five Tips for Practicing Positive Self-Care

1.     Make plans that you can look forward to. Dedicate time for enjoyable activities. Occasionally treat yourself to something special.

2.     Celebrate your achievements. Recognize and allow time to feel good about your accomplishments, personal milestones, and contributions.

3.     Be protective of your time. Make conscious choices about commitments – make room for those you find meaningful or enjoyable; decline or minimize those that do not reflect your personal priorities or values.

4.     Soothe yourself. When you feel overwhelmed or stressed, find comfort in favorite places and activities.

5.     Reach out. Ask important people in your life for support. Allow others to help you. Tell them what you need.

Posted on September 11, 2014 .

Is self-compassion the cure for procrastination?

You are probably wondering: What does self-compassion have to do with procrastination?  Turns out, quite a lot! 

Most procrastination-fighting techniques focus on ways to change a person’s behavior: just get started, take action, any kind of action. But a recent study suggests a different approach: being kind to yourself.

Read more here at the Greater Good Science Center.

Posted on July 17, 2014 .

Five tips for cultivating self-compassion

  1. Forgive yourself when you make a mistake. Remind yourself that no one is perfect.
  2. Give yourself permission to say "no.” Attend to how you are feeling about a possible commitment, and notice when you feel pulled by guilt, shame, or fear of the other person’s reaction.
  3. Treat yourself with respect and kindness. Replace criticism and judgment with support and comfort. Talk to yourself as you would to a loved one or close friend.
  4. Give yourself credit for your hard work. Reward effort. Remind yourself of progress you’ve made towards a goal. Celebrate your accomplishments.
  5. Take a break when you need one. Do something nice for yourself when you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or tired.




by Jen Metheny, PhD



Posted on January 7, 2014 .