April Lightcap, PhD

April Lightcap, PhD

Psychology Resident

Does this sound familiar?

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious?

Feeling stuck, lonely or isolated?

Struggling in your relationships, maybe with a child, or romantic partner?


I Can Help.

As a warm and understanding person, I help my clients feel at ease in therapy.

I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help individuals and couples identify their goals, connect with their values, and stay motivated to work towards those values.

I am skilled at helping individuals and couples find meaning and direction as they navigate life’s trials and joys.


What can you expect?

I help people feel motivated to pursue what matters most to them in life.

I help couples and families feel closer and more cooperative as they work towards shared goals.

You will feel connected to what you care about most, more accepting of yourself and motivated to pursue your goals.