Cora Crabtree, LPC

Cora Crabtree, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re experiencing life transitions, which may even lead to questioning your own identity. You may be asking yourself, “Who can I trust? Who am I?”

  • You’re currently, or previously, experiencing depression and/or anxiety. You have, or had, traumas and/or grief experiences in your life.

  • You identify as LGBTQ+, young adult, adult, and/or survivor of IPV.

I Can Help.

  • My background includes providing individual, family, and group therapy for adults and youth in settings as wide-ranging as public schools, residential and day treatment centers, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Working with family and school systems has given me the tools to work well with supporting and respecting multiple perspectives while helping to address and work through important and significant issues.
  • My therapeutic support comes from a Person-Centered perspective, meaning that I believe you are the expert on your lived experience and I will respect and honor this in our work together.

What can you expect?

  • You will feel a sense of security and empowerment in your life.
  • You will feel confident to use skills learned in therapy to regulate your feelings and emotions in healthy ways.
  • You will feel confident to use skills learned in therapy to communicate and maintain healthy boundaries and relationships with friends, family, peers, coworkers, and romantic partners.