Gabriella Luther, MA

Gabriella Luther, MA

Student Intern

Does this sound familiar?

  • Experiencing discrimination or stigma?

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Having trouble focusing and managing your emotions?

  • Exploring new identities or adjusting to life changes?

I Can Help.

  • As a Queer Mixed-race woman, I bring my lived experiences and focused training to empower you to cope with stigmatization by accessing your strength, flexibility, and community.

  • I believe that authenticity, collaboration, and compassion are key in developing a healing relationship.

  • My primary approach is Relational-Cultural therapy, which is focused on the power of healing relationships and community. I also draw from mindfulness and body/movement work and cognitive-behavioral techniques to identify and move through past trauma.


What can you expect?

  • You will gain tangible skills to cope with your emotions and create healthy routines.
  • You can find clarity about your goals and deepen insight into your emotional needs.
  • You can heal old wounds and reconnect to yourself and others.