Jeremy Harle, LPC

Jeremy Harle, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Does this sound familiar?

  • My kid won’t listen to me.
  • I’m having trouble with a relationship.
  • I’m constantly stressed or anxious.
  • I just lost someone and feel lost myself.
  • I’m just not happy.

I Can Help.

My style is authentic, nonjudgmental, and straightforward. Clients tell me that I help them feel understood and comfortable. Together, we will work through the stress, pain, or dismay that could be holding you back. I love working with adults, teens and families.

What can you expect?

Over the years, I’ve seen individuals, couples, and families, benefit from our work together by achieving the goals that they set. I’ve seen clients be able to build stronger relationships and/or bonds by learning or improving the ways in which they communicate. I’ve seen clients through difficult times, such as grief and loss, as well as times in which they believed should be happy, but didn’t feel fulfilled from their experience. After our work together, I’ve had clients report feeling “capable” with more insight into themselves and their relationships.

You are the expert in your own life. My role is to collaborate with you by providing support and perspective to the issues that may be inhibiting the fulfillment you desire. Are you feeling stuck or depressed? Maybe you’re feeling angry, sad, or like you’ve lost your way? Our work together will be developed upon the strengths and talents that you already have or have yet to discover, in order to resolve the uncertainty or instability that is creating the barrier to understanding or self-assurance.