Kellyn Blaisdell, MS

Kellyn Blaisdell, MS

Student Intern

Does this sound familiar?

-Are worry, thinking patterns, sadness, or stress interfering with your work, sleep, or relationships?

-Is your child showing signs of anxiety, depression, or rigidity in thinking and behaviors?

-Are you or your child seeking healing from difficult experiences or life transitions?

I Can Help…

-I seek to listen and understand the unique experiences of you or your child. I consider it an honor to work with each client.

-In working together, we will collaboratively identify concrete steps to help you respond to difficult emotions and situations and move towards healing, addressing barriers along the way.

-I will adapt my approach based on your preferences and needs, using evidence-based techniques.

What can you expect?

-Grow in awareness of your thinking patterns, emotions, and behaviors, identifying how they may be adaptive or unhelpful in different contexts.

-Increase flexibility in thinking and behavior in a way that is consistent with your values.

-Develop a toolbox of strategies to respond to difficult emotions and experiences.