Lauren Wepprich, MSW

Clinical Social Worker Associate

Does this sound familiar?

  • Feeling anxious or uncertain about navigating planned or unexpected life changes?
  • Experiencing self-criticism and self-doubt related to negative body image?
  • Wanting support for medical diagnoses, injuries, or medical trauma?

I Can Help.

  • I work with teens and young adults using a non-judgmental and strengths-based approach for those struggling with anxiety, depression, disordered eating (through Health at Every Size principles), and/or medical issues.
  • I view life experiences not only from an individual perspective, but also consider how the impact of broader systemic societal issues and systems of oppression play into people’s lives.
  • I strongly believe in a collaborative approach to therapy with individualized support based on client’s needs and where clients are encouraged to share feedback.

What can you expect?

  • My goal is to create a space for clients to feel seen and understood so they can be their most authentic selves in therapy and eventually out in the world.
  • Learn strategies and tools to ease daily stressors and emotions.
  • Improvement in communicating needs and setting boundaries.