Lue Williams, MA, MS

Lue Williams, MA, MS

Student Intern

Does this sound familiar?

  • Do hurtful experiences, relationships, and struggles from your past get in the way of the life you want to live now?
  • Are you feeling checked out of your life, down or depressed, lonely, disorganized, lacking the motivation to try, or the energy to even care?
  • Do you find yourself hiding parts of your identity, constantly code-switching, people-pleasing, or never really feeling free to express yourself in the world?

I Can Help.

  • My approach relies on collaboration and authenticity. This means that we will use all that I know from my training and my life experiences and all that you know about yourself and your own life experiences to work together toward the changes that you want to see in your life.
  • I will always meet you with support, compassion, and a deep respect for all of the energy and effort it takes for you to engage in your life and manage the challenges that arise.
  • I take an Existential-Integrative approach to help clients gain a better understanding of their own actions and identify where they have the power to make changes that lead to greater life fulfillment. I draw from Cognitive-Behavioral techniques, Interpersonal Process, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness, and other evidence-based approaches that help to deepen insight.


What can you expect?

  • You can expect to gain clarity about how your own actions and the relationships in your life may be helping you or obstructing your path.
  • Our work will always be guided by the goals that are most important to you. That may include gaining new perspectives, changing your relationship to your circumstances or to people in your life, learning and practicing more helpful or productive approaches to things you do in your daily life, gaining a better understanding of what you are feeling or why you do the things you do, or finding a new path or new meaning on the path you are already on.
  • Whatever the goal, we will work toward changes that increase understanding, open up options, and make you feel better in the way you move through the world from day to day.



I have been involved in the mental health field for nearly a decade and have worked with clients who struggle with: depression and anxiety; experiences of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse and trauma; suicidal thoughts; issues and conflicts in their families, romantic relationships, and work-life balance; grief and loss; experiences of discrimination; and major life decisions and transitions. I have also helped clients from various backgrounds work through thoughts and feelings related to race and racism. I understand that issues related to race, culture, spirituality, and religious belief may be an elephant in the room in many areas of people’s lives and may be difficult to discuss for many reasons. In working with me, you can expect safety, understanding, and open-heartedness in talking about race and other issues that may be difficult to talk about with others. The most important thing I’ve learned is that everyone has the power within to make changes (big and small) that improve their relationships and their own well-being. I enjoy taking these thoughtful journeys with my clients toward growth, fulfillment, and healing.