Peter Ehlinger, MS

Peter Ehlinger, MS

Student Intern

Does this sound familiar?

I enjoy working with individuals on a range of presenting concerns, including young adults, adults, and older adults who are grappling with difficulties related to concerns such as trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

I also enjoy working with clients to explore and process grief, relationship difficulties, self-exploration and identity development concerns.

Additionally, I work with clients who are experiencing a concurrent chronic illness and mental health concern(s).

I Can Help…

I seek to be truly present with, listen to, and build trust with each client, offering support, direction, and an alternative perspective when needed. I strive to offer a space for healing, beginning the moment we first meet.

I view my clients as the experts on their own experience and I attend closely to each client’s social context and experiences with privilege, power, and oppression. I have training and experience working with LGBTQIA+ clients, clients of color, and White clients who are actively working on anti-racist identity development.

I work in an affirming way, honoring each person’s internal wisdom while also offering evidence-based strategies for managing symptoms and difficulties.

What can you expect?

I believe that change occurs when people are able to create meaningful connections with others and themselves. To assist clients in their process, I approach therapy informed by interpersonal process, cognitive-behavioral, and feminist-multicultural lenses.

We will work collaboratively and authentically to help clients engage in new relational patterns within a therapeutic environment.

Clients will learn strategies and build on existing strengths to address challenges and build feelings of empowerment to grow and change.