Sara Dryden, LCSW

Sara Dryden, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Does this sound familiar?

  • Struggling with stress, be it personal, professional, or societal?
  • Feeling that your life lacks meaning, hope, or connection?
  • Feeling anxious, depressed, or grieving?

 I Can Help.

  • As a calm and centered person, I help others to find their center, what grounds them and makes them feel whole
  • I use techniques of Buddhist psychology to help others feel grounded, increase self awareness, and reduce anxiety
  •  I have heard many stories of people experiencing deep pain and difficult thoughts.  I am comfortable sitting with hard feelings and truths and working through them for as long as that takes.

   What can you expect?

  • I help people feel grounded in themselves and their experience of life
  •  I assist people to look deeply within and find the root of their challenges so that they can overcome them.
  • You will feel an increased ability to identify the triggers of unpleasant thoughts and feelings, and manage these in positive ways.