Community Wellness Outreach Program

A way to give back to our community, this program is designed to provide opportunities for those in our community to come together in a nurturing environment. It is a chance to encourage self care and connection.

Provider Appreciation

Proactive self care for wellness providers. If your job is caring for others, you know the importance of prioritizing physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. But how often does your own wellbeing end up at the bottom of your list?
You’ve probably heard the metaphor about putting on your own oxygen mask before assisting others, but it often feels as though we cannot fit our own needs into our busy lives. As physicians, nurses, therapists, and caring professionals, we counsel our clients to tend to their health and happiness by reducing stressors, moving their bodies, maintaining healthy relationships, and making time for self care.

But what happens to the level of care we’re able to give when we are perpetually overwhelmed and exhausted? Most of us have plenty of practice rushing, multitasking, squeezing in one more thing, pushing through our bodies signals and ending our days or weeks feeling depleted.

Consider instead, having time built into your work week for practices of quiet reflection, and connecting to yourself. Time to get your heart rate up and stretch out stiff, tired muscles. Imagine feeling calm, focused, nourished and inspired.

This is our goal: to support our community of healthcare providers in doing what they love and living vibrantly. We want to see you UpLevel your own wellness and feel amazing. This is a program specifically for wellness providers. We offer stress relieving, mindfulness based yoga classes that are approachable and accessible to all. Enjoy safe, fun, biomechanically sound instruction right in your workplace with all equipment provided, or take advantage of our beautiful yoga space. In appreciation for the service you give to the community, we would love for you to try your first workplace yoga class for free. We know it can be intimidating to try something new, but we’re convinced that once you feel the difference you won’t want to go back.

Starting In January we will be offering a free yoga class for any healthcare providers that would like to join us. These are small group classes and space is limited, so please sign up to save your spot

Staff Appreciation

Your employees work hard! Say thank you with a gift that will not only feel special, but will also help improve their mind and body wellness. We will come to your office and provide chair massage and yoga classes to your staff. Happier and more relaxed employees lead to a healthier business. Contact us today for more information and to sign up for a session.

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