Struggling to find your path?

Today you are one step closer.

  • Feeling down?
  • Overwhelmed by worry?
  • Too much conflict in your relationships or in your family?
  • Difficulty focusing at school or work?

The Vista team is dedicated to helping you reach your full potential.

Since 2002 we have helped thousands of individuals, families, and couples overcome conflict, anxiety, depression, and stress. We also can help with trauma and eating disordered behavior. We are also offering a mindfulness group for binge-eating.

We are also available for educational consultations to address ADHD and learning challenges.

Our mission

…is to provide the very highest level of care and service to our clients, helping them remove barriers to their full potential. We help our clients leverage their inherent strengths. We also strive to provide the highest level of service. Our core values are Connection, Caring, and Contribution.
We use evidence-based treatment. That means we use techniques that have been researched, and have been shown to help you live a better life.