Have You Ever Tried Art Therapy?

Are you experiencing high levels of stress right now? You’re not the only one.

Art therapy can help reduce stress, and it’s a unique form of self-care.

It may be exactly what you need right now to keep your mind occupied during this difficult time.

Healthy Distraction:

Drawing is an activity that takes a lot of concentration.

Think about it. It isn’t so easy to worry when you’re focused on another activity.

There are no rules when it comes to artwork.

You can get as creative as you like!

You Deserve Downtime:

The idea of staying home can sound relaxing in theory.

But in reality, it can be quite draining and exhausting.

Even carving out a few minutes a day to do something fun and creative can give you a boost of energy.

Never feel guilty for doing something just for you. You. deserve it.

What To Draw:

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Okay, I’d love to start drawing, but have no idea what to draw…”

As we mentioned earlier, there are absolutely no rules!

You can draw what makes you happy.

You can draw what you’re currently feeling.

You can draw what you’re grateful for.

The list goes on.

If you need a little extra inspiration, there are several free coloring pages online you can easily print off.

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Is So Important – Especially Now!

The past few weeks have not been easy. Our daily routines have completely changed. And a lot of things are out of our control right now.

However, the one thing we do have control over is our sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy. 

The body repairs itself when we sleep.

Several studies show that people who sleep 6 hours or less a night are much more likely to get sick.

COVID-19 has brought on a lot of additional stress and uncertainty.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Not getting enough sleep can bring on anxiety.

But anxiety can also cause insomnia. 

With that being said, here are a few tips and tricks that can help improve your quality of sleep. 

Avoid Caffeine:

A good rule of thumb is to avoid caffeine at least 3 hours before bed. Even a few sips too close to bedtime can interfere with your routine.

If you do like having coffee or tea after dinner, opt for decaf!

Turn Off Electronics:

This may seem like a self-explanatory tip, but it is a good one!

Here’s a little homework for you. 

For one week, turn off all your electronic devices one hour before bed and see what happens.

Everything from work emails to social media updates can be a little stressful.

And that is the last thing anyone needs before bed.

Bedtime Rituals:

Having a regular bedtime ritual can be very relaxing and calming.

The actual activity is entirely up to you – as long as it is tech-free.

Reading a good book or taking a nice long bath can help you wind down and get ready for bed. 

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Advice For Parents: Taking Care of Yourself During COVID-19

Outdoor Time:

If you have a backyard, now is the time to utilize it! 

Being a parent is a full time job.

And the truth is we all need a break. Now that most of us are working from home, it isn’t easy for parents to get their much needed me time. 

Assuming the weather is nice where you live, encourage your little ones to play outside at least an hour a day.

Not only is spending time outdoors healthy – but it’s always nice to get a change of scenery.

The best part is, playing in the yard requires little – no clean up on your end.

They can play tag, have a scavenger hunt, or even put on a play. 

Get Up Earlier:

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on the front porch first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee. 

The thing is, there are only so many hours in a day…

Now, this may be a little tough if you aren’t a morning person.

But waking up 30 minutes earlier than the kids can transform your entire morning routine.

You won’t feel rushed.

You can relax.

You can take your time getting ready.

And just focus on you!

Virtual Play Dates:

Your kids likely miss their friends just as much as you do.

We get it – virtual playdates aren’t the same as in-person ones. But they are definitely better than nothing.

They can play charades, sing songs, dance or read. The list goes on.

While your little ones are playing with their friends, you can use that time to relax or catch up on housework.

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Hand Washing 101: Preschooler Edition 

Have you ever thought about how often your little kids touch their mouth, nose, and eyes?

Now, older kids and adults understand why we should avoid touching our face…

However, your preschooler may not. 

They say it takes around 21 days to form a habit. Today is the perfect day to teach your little one the importance of hand washing.

Let’s get started!

Lead By Example

Preschoolers are very impressionable. If they regularly see you washing your hands, it will encourage them to do the same. 

Before meals and after playtime, have the entire family wash their hands together.

Don’t be afraid to make the process fun. A good rule of thumb is to sing the Happy Birthday song twice while hand washing.

Talk About Why

Your little ones may not understand why we need to wash our hands. 

Sit down with them and explain how and why regular hand washing keeps us healthy. 

Make It Fun

Who says hand washing can’t be fun! You just have to get a little creative. 

How To Get Started

1) Purchase soap in their favourite scent or with their favourite character on it. 

2) Make up a fun hand washing song.

3) Create a hand washing chart.

4) Read a fun hand washing book before bed.

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Ask Yourself These Questions During Quarantine

What Are You Grateful For Today?

Sometimes we can forget how lucky we are. But the truth is, we have so much to be grateful for!

Here’s some gratitude homework for you (don’t worry – this is fun homework.)

Every morning and night write down two things you are grateful for.

There are no rules here. You can get as specific as you like.

Everything from your home to your bed to your morning coffee all count.

The next time you’re feeling down or anxious, your gratitude list will be there to remind you how lucky you are.

Who Can You Reach Out To Today?

Just because we are practicing social distancing doesn’t mean we have to be alone.

Technology has come such a long way. Now is the time to take advantage of it.

Every single day make an effort to text or call at least 3 people.

How Can You Get Outside Today?

Staying indoors 24 hours a day 7 days a week is not healthy for any of us.

We need nature, fresh air, and sunshine to thrive.

Just because we can’t go to the park or visit the beach, doesn’t mean we can’t go outside at all.

Reading a good book on your balcony or in the yard can be very relaxing.

Now, if you don’t have a backyard or balcony, there’s no need to worry.

You still have options!

You can open a few windows in your home, or order some flowers online.

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Exhale Pause ~Cultivating Awe: Yoga During Turbulent Times

Join Amalia Treiger, yoga instructor at the Vista Wellness Center ( ).  Especially in challenging times, our beings require experiences of joy, wonder, and even awe. While we face some necessary contraction as our social circles shrink and our distance keeps others safe, our innate ability to be expansive is undiminished.

Join live Thursday 4/9 at 11am PST for a yoga practice to juice up your joy! This will be a gentle class, suitable for all levels.“How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all it’s beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being.

Otherwise, we all remain too frightened.” – Hafiz

When: Apr 9, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time.

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Ground With Sound: Yoga During Turbulent Times

Join Amalia Treiger, yoga instructor at the Vista Wellness Center ( ).  Use sound as a tool to foster clarity and calm. This class will tap into the power of sound to profoundly soothe the nervous system and focus the mind. Be ready to make some noise!

This will be a gentle practice, suitable for all levels.

When: Apr 2, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time.

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After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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The Secrets to Being a Good Partner During Quarantine

Being quarantined not only impacts our mental health…

It can also impact our relationships.

Being around the same person, 24/7 can cause arguments, anxiety, and frustration. Here are 3 practices that can help make you a good quarantine partner.

Practice Patience

It’s no secret the past few weeks have been stressful for most of us. 

Practicing patience is not an easy thing to do while facing high levels of stress.

You may have noticed yourself feeling a little frustrated lately, and that’s okay. 

When we’re feeling worked up, sometimes we need time to ourselves to cool down. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with your partner. You both will get through this. 

Try Being Quieter

It’s one thing to be respectful of someone’s space. It’s another to be respectful of their ears.

Some of us are more productive in complete silence, while others prefer a little background noise.

Simply watching a show or listening to music with headphones can go a long way. 

Help Out Around The House

Chores are one of those things that never seem to end. Everything from dishes to laundry to dusting adds up!

Now you may be thinking, “Okay, but my home is already pretty organized…”

Small gestures can go a long way. 

Volunteering to clear your partner’s dishes, folding the laundry or even organizing the junk drawer are all small acts that make a big impact.

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Supporting Kids Through Coronavirus

Ask Your Kids What They Know

There are so many new articles and statements released on a daily basis. 

The thing is – the information we read online isn’t always accurate.

And sometimes, information can get misinterpreted along the way. 

Take some time to sit down with your children and ask them exactly what they know. That way, you can clear up any misunderstandings if any. 

Validate Their Feelings

Children are going through a lot right now. They aren’t going to school. They can’t spend time with their friends. It’s a stressful time! 

But you as a parent won’t know exactly how they feel unless you ask them.

Some of their feelings may be realistic, while others may be very exaggerated. 

Either way, all you can do right now is let them know you are there for them. 

Answer Their Questions

There is no way to know for sure how long this outbreak will last. 

As the situation evolves, it’s likely your children will have more questions and concerns. 

Remind them that you are there to answer any of their questions. 

If they are hesitant to approach you, don’t be afraid to start the conversation and ask them how they are doing. 

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