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***Please note that due to high demand for our services, our waitlist for therapy services is currently closed.  We do still have availability for ADHD assessment services.  Please call our office for more information****


Due to high demand for our services, we currently have a waitlist.  Please click the button below to be automatically added to our waitlist.  Thank you!

While you are waiting for services, you are welcome to utilize some of our other services.  Sign up for our online or in-person yoga classes through our Wellness Center, which  is a positive ways to decrease stress and learn new skills as well as to prepare yourself for the therapeutic process.

Please Note: Our providers who take the following insurance plans have closed waitlists due to demand for services and full caseloads: Cigna, Blue Cross / Blue Shield (Regence or out of state plans), United Healthcare, Moda and Providence

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All our therapists at Vista Counseling offer Online Video Therapy.  We have had excellent results in our Telehealth Sessions, and our clients are giving us very positive reviews of their experience!

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Thank you so much for your interest in seeing one of our therapists at Vista Counseling. We will be happy to schedule a phone consult with you once we’ve been able to match your needs with one of our therapists.

Here at Vista, we schedule all new clients from our waitlist. We’ve created this online waitlist request form to make this process as efficient for you as possible.

In an Emergency? Using OHP/ Trillium? In a legal issue? Please see below.

In an Emergency? Using OHP/ Trillium? In a legal issue?

Please note: We are not able to add you to the waitlist if you meet any of the following conditions:

  1. Currently suicidal? If urgent, please call 911 and/ or visit your nearest emergency room ASAP. Also, consider contacting Sacred Heart Behavioral Health (Eugene) (458-205-6709) or Unity Center for Behavioral Health (Portland) (503-944-8000). Because of your urgent needs, we are not comfortable adding you to the waitlist.
  2. We are not able to take Oregon Health Plan at this time. However, we have put together a list of services available at
  3. We are not able to take on clients that are currently involved in a legal case, such as a custody battle, worker’s comp, DHS Child welfare case or an automobile claim.

Why a waitlist?

Once we make a commitment to see you, we make sure we are available to you until we are able to resolve your concerns. We want to make sure we can be as helpful to you as possible so you can get back to the things that are most important to you in life! However, this does mean that there is high demand for our services, as we pride ourselves in providing high-quality interventions in a wonderful environment. Please know that we take this waitlist request very seriously and will work daily to help get you in as soon as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time with any concern you might have. Thank you for choosing Vista!