Alexandra Aguirre, MS

Alexandra Aguirre, MS

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Does this sound familiar?

  • Struggling or feeling stuck in your relationships?

  • Exploring or experiencing challenges related to your gender or sexuality?

  • Feeling stressed or worried about major life changes or transitions?

I Can Help

  • I utilize a collaborative, client-centered, and non-judgmental approach. I seek to develop a set of goals that align with a client’s needs and wants in therapy.
  • As a transgender woman, I have lived experience and insight that informs my perspective and work with transgender clients.
  • I use a systemic lens in my work, meaning I look at the relationships and systems that a client can exist in and explore how those systems impact their lived experience.

What can you expect?

  • Working on communication, clients will feel more heard and supported in their relationships.

  • Clients navigating gender and sexuality will feel increased clarity and support around their identity.

  • Clients will be able to identify their emotions, communicate needs, and utilize coping skills to manage stress and challenges.