Amanda Bueffel, MS

Amanda Bueffel, MS

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Does this sound familiar?

  • Do you struggle to communicate or connect with others?
  • Feeling anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed in your daily life?
  • Are you experiencing difficult life changes or transitions
  • Are you and your partner(s) feeling stuck in the same conflicts again and again?

I Can Help.

  • I believe in looking at the whole picture of who you are – your relationships, values, background, etc – to help you live your truth.
  • Clients experience a collaborative, warm, judgment-free space to express themselves and meet their goals.
  • My background in education and nonprofit work supports me in working through stressful and traumatic experiences with people of various ages and backgrounds.
  • I work to facilitate conversations between romantic partners that help them learn more about themselves and each other in order.

What can you expect?

  • Developing the ability to better understand others in your life.
  • Increased understanding of your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions and how to express them in ways that best fit you and your needs.
  • An increased feeling of confidence and clarity that will help you navigate daily stressors.
  • An increased ability for partners to express themselves in ways that promote trust, security, and wellbeing in their romantic relationships.