Amia Huang, PsyD

Amia Huang, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Does this sound familiar?

  • Is your child or teen stressed, worried, sad, or acting out?
  • Is your child or teen struggling with life changes (e.g., moves, separation, loss, medical illness)?
  • Are you looking for support with parenting your child or teen?

 I Can Help.

  • I provide warm and nonjudgmental support while we work together to create change. No matter your background or history, I want you to feel understood.
  • Change happens after we feel emotionally safe, protected, and understood. This starts with the therapeutic relationship
  • I value the relationship we have as client and therapist as important to the healing process.
  • I love helping families communicate effectively and feel more connected to each other. I’m passionate about helping teens get through the unique challenges that come with adolescence (e.g., gaining independence, resolving conflicts, exploring identity).

What can you expect?

  • Better ways to manage difficult feelings
  • Improved communication and relationship building skills
  • Learning to be in the driver’s seat of life despite all of its challenges