Jondra Pennington, LPC

Jondra Pennington, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Does this sound familiar?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope?
  • Feeling helpless?
  • Days can be filled with crying, deep sadness, anger, fearfulness?
  • Using alcohol, food or isolating from loved ones to cope?

If you’ve had enough of feeling this way, making that phone call for help can be the beginning of the life you want.

I Can Help.

I am passionate about working with individuals who want to feel more in control of their lives; and I am committed to providing a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment where you will feel comfortable to explore and make the changes you’re seeking.

What can you expect?

Over the years, my clients have said that their work with me helped them develop a sense of empowerment, in addition to deeper, richer and more stable relationships not just with others, but with themselves.