Jordan Karr, PhD

Jordan Karr, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Does this sound familiar?

Are you or your child experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, or sadness?

Are you having trouble regulating feelings of anger or frustration, getting into conflicts with classmates, or showing signs of rigid thinking?

Are you having difficulty with sleep that negatively impacts them during the day?

I Can Help.

I help children and adults learn skills to better manage difficult emotions and I provide parents with evidence-based strategies for responding to challenging behavior.

I am a licensed psychologist but I also have a background in education.  I earned my PhD from UC Berkeley with a specialization in school psychology.  When working with children, I have a unique understanding of how mental health impacts an individual’s experience at school and I know how important it is for youth to feel successful while they are there.

What can you expect?

A strength-based approach, where we celebrate your unique interests, gifts, and assets.

For you or your child to feel more confident coping with and experiencing difficult thoughts and feelings.

For caregivers to develop a toolbox for supporting their child with difficult emotions or challenges with sleep.


I work with a wide range of clients, including children, teens, parents, and young adults. I am especially passionate about working with young people who struggle with anxiety, OCD, challenging behaviors, and sleep issues.  My clinical approach draws on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).