Josh Jarnagin, MA

Josh Jarnagin, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Does this sound familiar?

  • Struggling with feeling overwhelmed and burdened by life and the experiences that it brings and feeling the desire to withdraw and disengage?
  • Struggling with not being able to feel at home with yourself or others, accompanied by a persistent sense of unease or feeling unsettled?
  • Challenges with making sense of and moving on from difficult/traumatic experiences and continuing to struggle with the impacts, such as negative and limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself, others or the world?

I can help.

  • My training offers an approach that goes beyond traditional talk therapy and works in-depth with areas of difficulty while exploring alternatives.
  • I offer a calm and attuned presence and a strong focus on all areas of experience in the moment (i.e., thoughts, emotions, body sensations, imagery, memories, etc.) in order to have a holistic therapeutic experience.
  • I worked with various kinds of therapy and a wide array of client populations, which allows me to incorporate a wider array of techniques into therapy sessions.

What can you expect?

  • Increased awareness and insight into limiting patterns and beliefs that negatively impact your life.
  • Improved ability to identify and advocate for your needs and improved sense of belonging and connection to others while developing the ability to love and care for yourself and tending to the impacts of unmet needs.
  • Decrease in the frequency and intensity of painful and negative emotional states and thoughts and increased capacity to experience empowering and positive states of being.