Justine Lockhart, MS

Justine Lockhart, MS

Professional Counselor Associate

Does this sound familiar?

  • Navigating anxiety and managing stressful situations such as interpersonal conflict, social anxiety, school anxiety, and work stress
  • Engaging in self-discovery in terms of identity (sexuality, gender, who you are in relation to others, life dreams, etc.)?
  • Experiencing life transitions such as leaving for college, a breakup, a new career, or moving?

I Can Help.

  • I have experience working with clients living with OCD and anxiety disorders providing Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment, CBT, and DBT.
  • I have spent significant time working with adolescents with social anxiety and even clients who have selective mutism, showing clients empathy and patience while helping them build confidence socially.
  • I have experience working with severe depression and suicidality and can help clients assess their risk level and develop a safety plan.

What can you expect?

  • I believe a strong therapeutic alliance is the agent for change and can help clients grow and achieve a stronger sense of self
  • From therapeutic change, clients can learn how to regulate emotions by mindfully accepting one’s emotions.
  • Through therapy, clients will learn how to build healthier attachments and relationships in their lives that are fulfilling, meaningful, and aligned with their values.