Keith Miller, PhD

Keith Miller, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Working with children, families, adults, and couples using evidence based techniques.

I believe therapy works best within the context of a warm, creative, and collaborative relationship. I focus on helping clients overcome barriers towards growth, identify new ways of looking at their world, and take positive action toward their goals.

In my family practice I provide therapy to parents and families seeking new ways to improve family life. I teach, model, and support proven strategies that emphasize encouragement, clear expectations, and consistency. These strategies promote a healthy parent-child relationship and help your child reach their full potential.

I am a licensed psychologist in Eugene Oregon. I meet with clients around a range of issues including: anxiety, depression, child and adult ADD/ADHD, mindfulness, academic achievement, career fulfillment, personal growth, relationship concerns, family conflict, developmental disability, learning disability, combined families, sexual orientation, PTSD, parenting, foster parenting, adoptive parenting, child/adolescent behavior difficulties, body image/ disordered eating, and issues of grief and loss.

Watch Dr. Miller’s parenting workshop: Are We There Yet?: Boosting Your Parenting


Connecting During Coronavirus

We are working on ways to help you stay connected during this time.  We are starting “Connecting During Coronavirus,” which will include online resources, live video classes with tips for how to cope and thrive, as well as live streamed yoga classes.  We hope you will join us!
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