Lydia Hefferon, MSW

Lydia Hefferon, MSW

Clinical Social Worker Associate

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you on a journey to explore your identity and feel stuck?

  • Are you grieving due to relationships, life disappointments, and/or your sense of self?

  • Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or self-worth?

I Can Help.

  • I strive to create a safe, compassionate, and trauma-informed space for my clients, respecting that they are the experts of their lives and bring their own unique lived experiences and perspectives.
  • I am client-focused and strive to help clients navigate how their socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, gender identity, faith, sexual orientation, etc. influence the ways they uniquely navigate life.
  • I believe that rapport with my clients is vital to successful therapeutic outcomes. I spend time getting to know you as a person and not a problem to fix. My desire is for my clients to feel heard, respected, and empowered in session. I work towards this through curiosity and humility.

What can you expect?

  • A renewed sense of appreciation for life and confidence in yourself, goals, and boundaries.
  • You will gain tangible resources and evidence-based interventions that are tailored to you and your needs as you learn healthy coping skills to pull from during stressful times.
  • You will be welcomed into a safe and non-judgmental space that will allow you to process doubts, fears, worries, and traumas.