Samantha McKinlay, MSW

Samantha McKinlay, MSW

Clinical Social Worker Associate

Does this sound familiar?

  •  Seeking to break cycles caused by interpersonal and/or intergenerational trauma.
  • Wanting to let go of shame and self-criticism.
  • Currently navigating life’s transitions and are seeking support along the way

I Can Help.

  • I believe healing is not always a linear process but is impacted by one’s connection to others and one’s self. You’ll find that I attend to this element by creating an empathically attuned environment that facilitates deeper self-understanding and emotional awareness.
  • Collaborating with folks to create tailored therapy that works for them given the context of their unique life experiences is curial for effective treatment. I am always honored to be able to walk through life’s difficulties with people, but I understand that transparency is key when creating a trusting relationship.
  • You can expect me to meet you with compassion, empowerment, authenticity, humor, and gentleness. I rely heavily on a trauma-informed therapeutic approach that is informed by elements from a humanistic, relational, and liberation health model.

What can you expect?

  • You will feel an increased sense of self-awareness and reconnection.
  • I empower you to be your own best resource and to identify your own personal sources of strength.
  • You will draw on skills that can help manage your reactions to life’s many obstacles; to take on whatever is thrown your way.