Addressing Racism

  • Struggling with the impacts of racism in our community?
  • Feeling unsafe in the current climate?
  • Worn out and stressed from being an activist or advocate?
  • Struggling with the experiences related to regular micro-aggressions?
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Given the stressors that those in the BIPOC and other diverse communities deal with on a daily basis, it is no wonder that we are seeing such significant difficulties with depression, anxiety, anger, and stress.  While we can often feel like these issues are something wrong with us, what if it was actually a very healthy response to a culture of oppression?  That is how we see these challenges, natural responses to an unhealthy situation. 

Our team of therapists at Vista is committed to addressing these issues, and helping lighten the load by being there for you.  We have therapists who have actively sought out specialized training, understand that the burden to explain the impacts of racism is not on you, and are here to help. 

You may feel alone, isolated and confused, but you don’t have to go through this by yourself. Our therapists are here to take this journey with you.

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Meet Our Therapists

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