Psychometrician Assistant

Vista Counseling & Consultation, Inc. is looking for an advanced doctoral student to fill a part-time unpaid psychometrician / practicum position working with children and adults under the supervision of Ryan Scott, Ph.D., for referrals regarding ADHD/Learning Disability and Developmental Disabilities.

Primary responsibilities include administering and scoring standardized tests, comprehensive report writing, client observation, and assisting with client interviews. Doctoral students will gain experience writing a minimum of one comprehensive report per week.   The expectation for availability is 8-12 hours a week.  

With children and adults, administer and score the following tests:

·       Cognitive (WAIS-IV, WISC-V, WPPSI-III, CPT2)

·       Academic (WIAT-III, Nelson-Denny)

·       Adaptive (ABAS-II, SIB-R)

·       Personality (MMPI2-R-F, PAI)

·       Additional testing as indicated (BBHI, PSI)

Minimum Qualifications:

·       Doctoral student in good standing in Counseling, Clinical, or School Psychology.

·       Coursework in intellectual and personality assessment.

·       At least one year of practicum experience with adults and/or children.

·       Works well independently and seeks supervision promptly for clinical questions.

·       Attention to detail and prompt record keeping.

·       Working knowledge of DSM diagnoses

·       Twelve month commitment

Preferred Qualifications:

·       Doctoral student interested in a career in private practice.

·       Previous experience administering standardized tests, esp. cognitive testing.

Interested candidates should send a CV and cover letter to Ryan Scott, Ph.D., by email at