Tips: Talking To Your Kids After A Shooting


We are frequently asked how to make sense of these tragedies. For adults and kids alike, it can all seem so senseless, and we can feel powerless to change things or keep it from happening again. Here’s some tips we offer from the heart, knowing that all of us hurt when tragedy strikes.

Make room for Anxiety and Stress / Talk, but also listen. Allow yourself and your children to talk about how scary this can be for the them and their friends.

Reassure them / of their safety and security (no matter what age). That the grown ups in their life are working to keep them safe.

Keep your routine / The last thing you want to do is avoid your normal day to day routine. Life is still normal, acting like it helps reinforce that their life is the same.

Do What Matters / Take some time to do fun things that you and your children enjoy. Take time to go for a walk together, play a game, have dinner together.

View our sharing of this information in a video interview below:

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