mothers day

Surviving Mother’s Day After Loss

Whether your loss is recent or many years ago, navigating this holiday without your mom can be emotional. 

However, there are ways to honor her memory and find comfort in the midst of grief.

Appreciate the good things in life that would make your mom happy: 

Take a moment to reflect on the positive aspects of your life that would bring joy to your mom. Whether it’s achieving a personal goal, spending time with loved ones, or pursuing a passion, find solace in knowing that these are the things that would make her proud.

Reach out to your siblings: 

If you have siblings, consider reaching out to them on Mother’s Day. Sharing memories of your mom and supporting each other can help strengthen your bond and provide comfort during this difficult time. 

Celebrate the other moms in your life: 

While Mother’s Day may be a reminder of your own loss, it can also be an opportunity to celebrate the other moms in your life. Whether it’s your grandmother, aunt, or friend, take the time to show them appreciation and love. 

Ask questions about her: 

Take this opportunity to learn more about your mom. Ask family members to share stories, memories, and details about her life. This can help you feel closer to her and create a deeper understanding of who she was. 

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