Darwin Day

On February 12th, we commemorate the work of Charles Darwin, a renowned scientist, on Darwin Day

His findings, experiments, and accomplishments in the world of science have greatly influenced our society today. During this day, we can reflect on his discovery of evolution, which revolutionized all scientific thinking and is now considered a foundational concept in science.

Charles Darwin is also known for his work regarding the understanding of natural selection and has been on dozens of expeditions, most notably to the Galapagos Islands where he made many startling discoveries. 

His theories were at the center of many impactful works that we can look back on today. Remembering these pivotal icons of history can also teach us more about our world, the species around us, and the earth we live on. 

We can recognize Darwin Day by celebrating that science is real and responsible for so many advances in our health, in our world and in our lives.

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