Dealing With Stress at Work 

There will always be stressful events at work now and again. The best thing you can do is learn how to control your emotions in a healthy way.

Stay Organized

Planning out your day in advance not only saves time – it also prevents stress.

Nobody likes feeling rushed or pressured throughout the day. Having a solid hour by hour plan can help you stay on track.

Say Goodbye Multitasking

Now, some of us can multitask on more straightforward tasks.

Preparing lunch while talking on the phone is one thing…

But preparing lunch while trying to solve a complex math problem is something else. 

Doing so many things at once can make us feel stressed, rushed and confused.

Try an experiment. 

Next week do every task on your to-do list one thing at a time.

Even the easy tasks! 

See if you notice any changes in your mood and productivity. 

Take a Walk

So many of us spend hours a day sitting in front of our computers.

Which isn’t the best thing for our mind and body. 

Taking a short walk around the block over lunch can help you blow off steam and boost your mood.

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