Returning From Maternity Leave? Here’s How To Make The Transition Easier

The First Day Back

The first day back at work will likely bring up a lot of emotions.

Some new moms feel guilty about leaving their new baby at home.

While others feel guilty about being excited to get back into the game.

The first few days will be the hardest. But every day will get easier.

No Such Thing As Too Many Questions

You can never ask too many questions.

No matter how long you’ve been gone, it takes time to get back into a solid work routine.

It’s likely some protocols may have changed.

Or your responsibilities may be slightly different.

So, when in doubt – always ask. Your future self will thank you.

Touch Base With Your Boss

No matter what business you are in, communication is key! Exactly, why it’s always a good idea to touch base with your boss on your first week back.

You can take that opportunity to ask important questions, and figure out which tasks are most time-sensitive.

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