Celebrating Louis Braille on His Birthday

When we think about the past, we can honor those whose inventions have impacted the world we know today. One of those people is Louis Braille. As we approach January 4th, the birthday of Louis Braille, we can remember all that he did for those who are visually impaired.

He was a French educator and inventor of the reading and writing system known as Braille, which is used worldwide today to help those with limited vision. Louis himself lost vision in both of his eyes and developed a system of tactile code that could allow others to write and read. 

Now, the Braille system is still used in many different languages to aid those in their everyday lives. He paved the way for communication and equality with this system. 

With braille, he made sure that each letter had its own dots that could be recognized with the touch of a finger. Since its development, it’s completely changed the way we use language. 

We now have access to Braille on magazines, in books, on bathroom signs, bus stops, and elevator panels, to name a few. There even continues to be technological advances with braille as it becomes even more widespread. 

It’s important to look back and acknowledge all of the wonderful things that have allowed our society to become more accessible and equal to everyone.

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