Humor to Handle Stress

We hope these jokes make your day! 

When they’re little, your kids should never be stressed out.

They deserve a chance to be “chill”-dren

Why are math books always so stressed?

They have a limitless amount of problems that need to be solved.

I wasn’t doing great in school, I was stressed out and acting up, so the school tried this new technique on me.

It’s called a de-tension.

What did one guitar say to another guitar when it was feeling stressed out?

Hey man, don’t fret.

Why was the meteorologist so stressed?

The job is full of high pressure.

Why do dogs love yoga class?

It’s a good chance to paws and reflect.

How does the yogi order a pizza?

Make me one with everything!

What’s a pirate’s least favorite yoga move?

The plank pose.