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Good Things In The News: Mercury Stardust – The Trans Handy Ma’am

By: Tanya Kramer

I first learned about Mercury Stardust on Instagram. Her black light workshop with bright colors did a great job of catching my attention.  

However, after spending some time watching her videos, I was able to fully appreciate the knowledge she shares about home improvements in a fun and non-judgemental manner. 

Then I started listening to her podcast Handy Ma’am Hotline.

In this podcast, she answers questions about DIY (do it yourself) projects for renters or home repair tasks.

She also responds to challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals.  She focuses on dealing with home improvements while keeping in mind that many people have a limited budget for these DIY projects. 

 Her motto, which you can find on her merchandise, is “You are worth the time it takes to learn a new skill”.

Mercury Stardust was also recently involved in a live stream on the Trans Day of Visibility, where she was joined by Jory @alluringskull.

Mercury and Jory partnered with Point Of Joy to raise one million dollars for gender-affirming care.  

The live stream over 30 hours resulted in raising an impressive 2.25 million dollars for gender-affirming care that will change lives.

Mercury operates her company out of Madison, Wisconsin, some of my own stomping grounds.  

Last plug regarding Mercury Stardust is she has a book that just came out for presale orders called Safe and Sound – A Renter Friendly Guide to Home Repair.


Instagram: @mercurystardusttopz


Podcast: Handy Ma’am Hotline.

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