Guided Sleep Meditation For Beginners

Guided Sleep Meditation

When we feel stressed or anxious, falling asleep isn’t exactly easy.

Guided sleep meditations are a great resource to take advantage of if you have trouble sleeping.

Why Sleep Meditation

Mediation is all about getting out of your head and appreciating the present moment.

No need to worry about that embarrassing thing you said 7 years ago. No need to worry about that big presentation at work tomorrow.

All you have to do is relax your body and slow down your mind.

Breathing Exercises

You may not know this, but there are right and wrong ways to breathe.

If done wrong, your breathing can actually make you more anxious.

A great hack is to slowly count as you breathe.


Visualizing you’re at the beach, is almost as relaxing as the real thing.

Close your eyes. Image the waves hitting the shore or the sand between your toes.

Sweet dreams.