How To Lower Your Social Anxiety

These three techniques can help lower your social anxiety.

Change Your Worries:

Have you ever taken a minute to think about how many of your worries have actually happened?

Those with social anxiety tend to experience stress before an upcoming social event takes place.

One of the best ways to put an end to your worries, is to change the way you think about them.

Embrace Your Anxiety:

It’s interesting how simply thinking about your anxiety, can bring on more anxiety.

You know yourself best. If a certain activity or event can trigger panic, the best thing you can do is prepare yourself and have a plan.

Post Event Processing:

Unfortunately, we can often be our own worst critic.

Sometimes our mind can play tricks on us. We can think a conversation was a failure when in reality, it was a success!

Remember, your thoughts aren’t always right! Challenge them and see for yourself.