Signs Your Teen is Stressed

Everything from grades to peer pressure can cause a great deal of stress on teens. If left untreated, stress can lead to anxiety or other mental health issues. Here are a few signs parents should look out for.

Sleeping Problems

Sleeping too much or too little are both common signs of stress.

It’s also a little bit of a vicious cycle. When our sleeping isn’t on track, it’s harder to think logically, which can bring on even more stress.

Increased Irritability

We all experience mood swings – especially teenagers.

But constantly feeling irritated over insignificant details can be a sign that something bigger is going on.

Difficulty Concentrating

Getting homework done is hard when you have so much on your mind.

Our thoughts are powerful things after all. You know your teen best. If you notice any significant changes in their homework routine, go ahead and talk to them about it.