U.S. Suicides Hit All-Time High in 2022

By: Betsy Pownall

Three weeks ago the Center for Disease Control posted the number of completed suicides in the United States in 2022. About 49,500 people took their lives last year, the highest number in our history. It is suggested that the United States suicide rate is “more common in the U.S. than at any time since the dawn of World War II”.

Suicide is complicated and a range of factors are driving the rates up, such as depression and availability of mental health services. The nation’s gun suicide rate was the highest last year, and for the first time, Black teen suicide rates surpassed white teens, researchers at Johns Hopkins Unviversity discovered.

The largest increases are in adults, ages 45-65 and more than 8% in people 65 and older. White men, in particular, have high rates. The CDC is expanding a suicide program to fund more prevention in communities through schools and community agencies.

There has been more than an 8% drop in suicides in people ages 10-24 in 2022, which could be because of the increased attention being paid to youth and adolescent mental health.

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