Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

By: Christina Bein – LCSW 

“Stop Asian Hate.” This phrase has become more present in our society since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. At the beginning of this pandemic, the world went through trying to understand the origin of the virus and how it came about. 

Prominent figures in society went on to nickname covid-19 as the “China Virus”. Whether it was purposeful or not, it caused violent consequences for a whole race. News stories popped up of Asian people being targeted with racial slurs and being condemned in association due to the coronavirus. It took the stereotype of “they all look the same” to a dangerous level for many people in this community. 

What would it look like to practice what is preached when the saying goes, “Be kind to your neighbor?” It would be to celebrate and open our mind to the different rich cultures that exist within a vast array of different peoples. Beyond the delicious cuisine, things that can be noted include tea and Chess originating from India, paper and fireworks being invented by ancient China, LED lights from Japan, and who doesn’t know about the globally famous K-Pop (South Korea) group BTS by now? 

Just as it has become mainstream to know about and tell the difference between the people and what they’re known for–like the confections from France, the architecture of Italy, the bespoke fashion from England – so too can we open ourselves to know the beautiful differences of the many countries, ethnicities, and cultures of Asia and how we have been experiencing these aspects since the great migration during the Gold Rush in the 1800s. 

We can often look to movies to get better insights into the intricacies of cultures. In the U.S. it is a beloved pastime to sit down in front of a television screen with a bowl of popcorn and explore other experiences. So why not add some of these titles to your next movie night? 

There are virtual and in-person events happening through the month of May to learn and celebrate Asian Pacific Heritage Month. 

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