Most People With Social Anxiety Crave These Things

Most People With Social Anxiety Crave These Things

Just because you have social anxiety, doesn’t mean you don’t crave connection, growth, or confidence. Sound interesting? All you have to do is keep on reading.


Relationships are such an important part of life. They give us meaning, a sense of security and happiness.

It’s completely normal to feel uncomfortable when trying to meet new people. But the more you practice, the easier it’ll become.


Personal growth is the recipe to a better and happier you. By reading this article, you’re already one step in the right direction.


Confidence isn’t something that develops overnight. It takes time, dedication and bravery.

Those of us with social anxiety, often want to appear confident in social situations.

Every single social interaction is the perfect opportunity to practice.

Make small talk with your sales associate. Ask a stranger for directions. Practice makes perfect.