Coping With Coronavirus Anxiety

Set Limits:

There is nothing wrong with watching television or spending time on social media. The thing is, too much of anything is not healthy.

Lately, the vast majority of news has been spotlighting Coronavirus. Constantly being reminded of the pandemic can bring on anxiety and even panic.

This is the time to listen to your body. If reading the news is making you anxious, it may be best to limit your news consumption. 

Schedule Worry Sessions:

It is completely normal to worry right now. 

However, your worries do not have to take over your entire day.

The next time a negative thought pops up, instead of fixating on the thought, write it down on a sticky note.

Later in the day, you can take a few minutes to look at your thoughts and challenge them!

Get Enough Sleep:

Even though your days are more flexible, you still need a good night’s sleep! We all do.

Getting enough sleep is crucial for both our physical and mental health.

Waking up and going to sleep at the same time is key.

If your anxiety is making it harder to fall asleep at night, you may have to adjust your bedtime rituals.

Instead of watching television, take a long bath or meditate.

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