You Are Not Alone During Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September is a month to remember those who have struggled with thoughts of suicide and have lost their lives. Suicide Prevention Awareness Month aims to send a message of change and of support as a reminder that you are not alone.

If you or anyone you know has struggled with these thoughts it can be helpful to hear from those who have experience.

This month also urges us to help prevent suicide by being there for others. 

According to 4 in 5 US adults (80%), they say that mental and physical health are equally important. Creating a safe environment to show that mental health is a priority starts by connecting with people who are going through a challenging time. 

It can make a significant change in their life.

Be There 

Offering to be there for someone and listen to them without judgement can be a contributing factor in them seeking out more help. When you show others that you are willing to lend a helping hand, it can give peace of mind that someone cares. 

If your friend or family member is working through their healing, show that you are willing to be someone they can lean on during this time. 

Stay Connected

Taking action to connect friends or family with helpful resources can also show your support. Often, people may not know where to turn or what’s available to them. If someone is at risk, you can guide them to the right places so they can continue to seek help. 

Letting them know that what they are facing isn’t something they have to carry alone can lighten the burden. 

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