Reflect & Restore Online Yoga Class with Amalia (Fridays at noon)

Taught by our very  talented yoga instructor, Amalia Coxe-Trieger.  In her words, this class is informed by yoga philosophy and spiritual inquiry,and features embodied practices to support ease at all levels of being: Mental, physical, and emotional. Yoga has been used for centuries to help us engage with difficult social realities while centering on justice, truth, compassion, and service. In our world of never-ending newsfeeds and ongoing, and emerging global crises, these teachings are as relevant and as useful as ever.
We’ll explore a variety of movement modalities, meditation, and pranayama, (breathing techniques), sometimes with a dash of poetry thrown in! We will practice standing, seated, and on the floor, sometimes with longer holds and more restorative postures, and sometimes flowing from shape to shape. Accessible options and alternatives will usually be offered, though this class may move at a quicker pace than a gentle or beginning practice.
I hope you’ll find this class a welcoming place to cultivate a resilient mind, body and spirit, and to remember that even when life is seriously hard, we don’t always have to take ourselves too seriously!

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