Jewish American Heritage Month

By: Christina Bein – LCSW 

When honoring Jewish American Heritage Month, it includes the consideration of the resilience and fortitude that is held to exist as people and practice their religion and culture without conviction. 

According to National Today, Jews arrived in what is now known as the U.S. in 1654, New Amsterdam. 

They sought to escape racism and start a new life, like many who have immigrated to the Americas, where they can freely celebrate their culture and traditions. Throughout history, this has been a challenge this community has faced, especially with the most well-known atrocity of the Holocaust between 1941-1945. 

There is a continued effort to fight against antisemitism, and they have built strong roots in the U.S. to promote awareness and a life that is full. 

One of the best ways to celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month has been to celebrate their achievements and uplift the names of several Jewish influences and contributors to society within realms such as science, film, theatre, and literature. 

A few famous Jewish people include Albert Einstein, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sarah Silverman, and Adam Sandler. There are many Jewish people as the face or behind the scenes in the media which also means they have a big role in cultivating the American culture.