How To Help Your Teen Accept Missing Graduation

Graduating from high school is a milestone most teens have been looking forward to since Freshman year.

It’s the end of an important chapter and the start of a brand one.

Due to COVID-19, teens all over the world are missing their graduation and prom.

When something you’ve been looking forward to for so long gets cancelled, it can be a lot to take in.

Wondering how you can help your teen understand and come to terms with their cancelled graduation? If so, keep on reading.

Acknowledge Their Loss:

You may not be able to relate, but missing graduation can feel like a loss.

Discounting how your teen feels can make them feel worse.

Encourage your teen to open up. Whether they feel angry, anxious, frustrated or sad, getting their feelings out in the open will help.

Saying our feelings out loud, can also help us understand them better.

Be There:

Both words and actions are powerful tools.

The next time your teen opens up to you in frustration or sadness, be sure to listen and empathize.


” I understand how you feel. It’ll be okay, I love you.”


“I am so sorry this is happening, I know it’s hard. You will get through this.”

Find Meaning:

Every situation has a silver lining.

Ask your teen what they have learned so far from this experience and what they are grateful for.

You both may be pleasantly surprised just how resilient they have become.

Knowing how to cope in tough times is an essential life skill.

None of us are mind readers. Nobody knows what today or tomorrow has in store.

There will always be difficult and frustrating days – and that’s okay! We just have to know how to cope with our emotions in a healthy way.  Learn More