Some Resolutions Are Meant to be Broken

Most of us usually start thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions mid-December and get this burst of excitement and energy!

But by the time February rolls around, half of your excitment (if not more) seems to have flown out the window.

We get it. Those situations can often make us feel frustrated and discouraged.

But you know what? Broken resolutions do not have to be a bad thing. In fact, they can be a very good thing. Keep on reading to learn more.

Why Broken Resolutions Can be a Good Thing

Broken resolutions are nothing to feel guilty about.

You have two choices.

You can either feel bad about the situation. Or you can take it as a learning experience. 

Some people tend to come up with way too many resolutions or set unrealistic expectations.

Putting unrealistic goals on pause will allow you to put more energy towards the one or two goals that will make the biggest difference in your life. 

How to Prioritize

You are only one person and can only work on so many things at once.

Adding more tasks to your plate may seem like a good idea in theory, but it actually is not.

When there is so much going on, it’s very tough to prioritize tasks in order of importance and realize what tasks should be done first, what tasks should be done second, and which tasks shouldn’t be done at all.

Ideally, you should pick one or two things to work on at once, and once those tasks are complete, you can move onto the next thing.

What Works For Someone May Not Work For You

It’s easy to add certain resolutions to your list because your friends told you to or because you think you’re supposed to.

We are so different, and all have different goals. Just because a resolution may sound good in theory doesn’t mean it makes sense for you.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say, you’d like to start waking up early to jog before work.

That sounds like a great goal! The only thing is, you have always been a night owl and can’t remember the last time you woke up before 8 AM. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a night person.

It doesn’t mean you not productive. It just means you have more energy and focus better at night.

Making drastic changes to your sleeping schedule and lifestyle can be done, but it should be done slowly.

Instead of feeling bad about not being able to wake up early, just slightly adjust the goal.

You can either jog on your lunch break or after dinner when you have more energy.

Remember – a broken resolution is nothing but an opportunity to learn more about yourself.